Customer Reviews
"I have never seen such good ointment. I got a sliver deep in my finger and I could not get it out. I put some ointment on it and bandaged it up. The next day that sliver was right up on top of my finger. I always get infection in any cuts, but not any more since I have been using Epsal Ointment." (JJ, Pa.)
"My supply has dwindled and I donít like to be without Epsal. I have been using Epsal for over 20 years now. Needless to say I am very pleased with the results." (Jo F.)
"This stuff is great. I live out in the country where I am always getting splinters and nasty insect bites. If you thickly apply it right after a bite, you can immediately feel the itching subside. With burns, the pain melts away. I even was able to expel a bad splinter overnight. (A., CA)
"My family has been using Epsal Ointment (or as we affectionately call it "the white stuff") for about 25 years. Not only does it draw out splinters, it helps pimples heal faster! Sometimes it brings that irritating pimple that never seems to want to go away to a head. At other times, if it is a small blemish, it practically disappears over-night. Just put a glob on the spot and cover with a bandaid. We always have one to two jars in the house at any given time. My husband has always had acne problems since puberty. When I got him to try it, he took the jar and kept it in his night stand. I had to get another jar! It is so much better than the black, greasy icthamol that stains clothing." M. S. Roberts (Plano, TX)
"This is the first review I have written for any product. I had a cyst of my chin, it had been there for years. The cyst was getting bigger so I went to the dermatologist to have it removed. My doctor advised me to leave it alone. I asked about different methods I had heard online to try and he said they don't work. He said, if it really bothered me he would send me to a doctor more specialized in removing them near the face and neck area. I left the office frustrated, but wanted to think about more about having the procedure done. (doctor was afraid of scarring on my face.) I didn't do anything for a few months and then I was at my aunts house one day and she raved about Epsal Ointment for bee stings, burns, getting splinters out etc. I told her I was going to order a bottle and try on my cyst, hoping to 'draw' the stuff to the surface. Even my mother said it wouldn't work for a cyst. Well, it WORKED!! I put it on twice a day and after 4 days it came to a head and I squeezed nasty stuff out. I did this a little for 3 more has now been 8 days and my cyst is completely gone. It was the size of a pea! My friend had a cyst removed from her neck last month and she paid $1500!! Please try this if you have a cyst, I am so glad I did!!" (VKH)
"When I found out the active ingredient was Epsom Salts, I bought it in hopes of clearing up my acne and oily skin. Not only did it clear up my acne but it absorbed my oil like a sponge. No more shiny skin and I don't have to wear any type of foundation! The consistency may throw you for a loop. It's thick, feels kind of greasy and it doesn't spread well but you only need a little bit. I was so pleased with this product, I bought two more for back up! Oh and it's VERY cheap!" (A. Babcock - Kennesaw, Georgia)
"Iíd really like to thank-you for putting out such a great product, Epsal Ointment.
Iíve been using it for two months and in one week my zits were going away! And so now all us Acne problem people have something to turn to! So much thanks!" (Laure, Lorain, Ohio)
"Your product is a savior! Thank You!" (Barbara, Waterford, Mi)
"This letter is being written to tell you what I think of your product Epsal Ointment. I have been using this product for about a year and I think it works great on my acne.
All my friends ask what I use to control my acne, now they are using it. Epsal does not leave pits in your face like most products do. My face is oily and most products I canít use because I break out; Epsal controls oil, acne and I donít break out.
Thank you for caring about other peoples problems." (Denise, Harrisville, Michigan)
"It gives me a great pleasure to write to you about your product Epsal Ointment. Just about all of my life I have used all kinds of creams and ointments on my face. I have oily skin, enlarge poors and Blackheads which are very deep in my skin and it is hard for me to get them out. I use mud packs, and facial, but they didnít work, I also had those boils I thought my blood was bad, but the doctor said it wasnít. So a friend of mine told me to take a half teaspoon of Epsom salt. It cleared my skin up but I have low blood and I had to stop. So one day I saw the Epsal ointment in a magazine and right away I ordered it. I am so happy to know that somebody has come up with something that really works, because I had given up. I couldnít find anything to do any good, but thank to god I have found something this time and I am not lying, it really works. When I look in the mirror my face seems to have a pretty glow that I didnít use to have.
Thank you.
P.S. I just wish I had known about Epsal Ointment years ago." (Helen, New Port News, Va)
"A few months ago I had a very large painful carbuncle. My husband urged me to go see our family doctor. I just couldnít bring myself to do it. So I suffered in misery. Lucky for me, my father-in-law developed a very high case of blood pressure. I went to our local pharmacy to have his prescription filled. While waiting I noticed before me on the counter a carton with jars advertising all about your wonderful product Epsal. Right there and then I decided to try it. I followed the directions religiously and in 3 days the openings came to a head and itís drawing power was unbelievable. It healed beautifully and has also prevented another one from forming. I sing itís praises to anyone who will listen. Thank you and god bless us for people like you." (Mrs. D., Columbus, Ohio)
"I was raised on Epsal. We always called it the 'splinter medicine.' I bought a jar when my kids were little - over 20 years ago. I still have that jar but there is only a little left and is obviously dried up. A couple of weeks ago, my husband said he had a splinter of glass in his foot. I told him it was a shame they didn't sell 'splinter medicine' anymore. Yesterday, when I was cleaning I came across my old bottle - which I had just saved as a memory and thought that I would google it and found that it was sold on eBay. I was afraid that it may not be the same thing, but it was worth the $10 risk. I am so glad to hear that it is still in the family so it will be the same.

I was surprised to see that it was advertised for Acne- we'll try that too.
Thanks" (Kathy H.)
"I feel that your product Epsal Ointment deserves praise and Iím happy to be one who wants to brag about it. My wife had an infection on one of her toes and asked the druggist for a remedy. He immediately recommended Epsal Ointment. She used it and had relief overnight.

Recently Iíve had occasion to use Epsal. There was a pimple on the edge of my lower lip and it was as sore as a boil. I couldnít put a band aid on it, so early in the morning I applied the Epsal without any covering and in less than four hours it came to a head. I canít put into words how effective and quick your product works. In this day of phony cures itís a pleasure to come across a product that does what it claims." (Ray)
"My mother swears by this stuff. She says it's the best for drawing out poison from bug bites and infections." (J Parr - Louisville, KY)
"This product is wonderful! I used it on an ingrown hair I had on my chest for months that wouldn't come out. It was in really deep, I couldn't even see it. Well, I applied a little Epsal and put a band aid over it in the afternoon. I applied some more overnight with the same band aid and when I woke up, the hair was totally at the surface! Highly recommend for ingrown hairs! (Chris)
"This stuff draws all sorts of impurities from skin. It is Epsom Salts in a salve. We have bought about two dozen jars over the last five years. (J Brandon - Annapolis, MD)
"I have just tried your product Epsal. Itís really a good product. I had a small amount of acne on my face. After two weeks of using Epsal my face was almost completely cleared. Iíve been telling my friends of your product and their going to try it. I just thought you would like to know how wonderful your product is." (Terri W., WV)
"About three weeks ago I was bitten by a brown recluse spider on my right wrist bone, at the heel of the hand. The next morning there was a red watery blister which was quite painful. I put Epsal ointment on a band aid and left it on for 24 hours. I changed the bandage, and did not apply any more Epsal other than the first. Three days later the bite had disappeared. Today, there is only a small brown freckle like scar. I love Epsal." (Ruth, Belton, MO)
"I hate to write but, I just half to tell you about Epsal ointment. I was really surprised. I still donít believe it. I have hair on each side of my face but mine is real knotty with all the broken stubs and roots like a tree. I have had them for 30 years and I was really ashamed to go anywhere. I never had a picture made. I have used tweezers and razors and all so tried permagon hair remover, and they always come back. Right now they are all out now by the roots and I feel like a new woman. I hope they donít come back.
Why on earth donít you advertise and let people know how good Epsal ointment is. If a thousand woman would like to know about it, it would save them alot of time and money sitting in the office getting a little of their hair pulled each day at a time, using the electrolysis method." (Elizabeth, Roanoke, Va)
"I recently purchased your Epsal Ointment, and it has proven to be the best investment I have made for quite awhile.
In June I used some dermabrase/35 and as a result of this, I developed what is known as acne rosacea. After quite a bit of money and time I heard your advertisement on television. I was just about to give up but, I decided to try Epsal, I saw results by the next day. In about a week the redness had gone and pimples and blackheads were almost gone. And to me this is the most unbelievable - I had 3 cysts on my chin, each about the size of 1/2 a dime and the other as big as a dime - two of them are completely gone and the other biggest one is just about gone also. All the doctors, injections, and medical books I have read said the wall of the cyst had to be remove (by surgery) and that drawing salves were of little or no value. My response to this is poppycock! I am proof that is wrong, and I intend to do nothing but praise your product. There is nothing better that I have found and believe me I have tried everything. Iím only sorry I didnít know about it months ago. Iím looking forward (with great anticipation) to having the clear skin I had in early June.
Words canít express my appreciation and all I can think of to say is thank you very very much! Keep up the good work." ( Pamela, Brunswick, Ohio)